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Maid, Housekeeping Service in St. Louis

We are here to provide you with any kind of help you need.  You can have us for a day or half a day, whichever you choose.  Just have your task list ready when we come.  This can involve assistance with cleaning, organizing, packing, unpacking, shopping, laundry, and much much more.  Just book the service and let us know what you need done, and we will be there at the place and time, ready to work for you as your personal assistant or personal helper. 

Hire Maid Service St. Louis

Having a tiring day at work? Can’t spare time to clean your home? You have landed at the right place! We at Crystal Clean understand your cleaning needs especially on those days when cleaning your house is the last thing on your mind.


We at Crystal Clean understand your need to keep your home vibrant and clean even if it is just for a day. From here, you can opt for maid service in St Louis just for one or even half a day. We will be happy to provide you with our service anytime you need.


Steps to Hire Our Housekeeping Services in St. Louis For One Day

  • Contact us with your requirements specifying the date and time when you need the cleaning service.

  • Depending on the availability of our staff we would work on finalizing a date with you.

  • Prior to the maid’s arrival, to ensure that the housekeeping services take the minimum time, you will have to keep your task list ready.

  • On the agreed upon date and time, our maid will arrive at your doorstep for providing you with the required service.

  • You can pay the amount once the maid is done with the tasks for the day.

  • If in case you are not satisfied with the way the work is carried out, let us know and we will work towards improving your experience.


Tasks For Which You Can Hire Our One Day Service

  • Cleaning

  • Organizing

  • Packing

  • Unpacking

  • Shopping

  • Laundry, and so much more


There are some days when you are so caught with all the daily tasks and don’t get time to clean your home. A dirty and untidy home can be a very unpleasant sight and can drastically lower positive vibes in the environment. We can solve your problem! Contact us to avail the one-day housekeeping services in St. Louis.

Our Company

We strive to please the customer and make their lives more peaceful by giving them a clean environment or helping them any way they see fit with our maid or helper services.

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